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Massage Therapy



The fingerprinting process for the Nevada State Board of Massage Therapy covers new applicants and renewals. B&D Fingerprinting Services LLC can process your fingerprints and submit them electronically to the Nevada Department of Public Safety, where the results will be sent back to the Board of Massage Therapy.




The current form (Fingerprint Voucher) required for fingerprinting services must be provided by the Board of Massage Therapy and brought in with you in order to process your fingerprints. As stated within the Voucher, there will be a fee for fingerprint processing. Please make certain all fields are filled correctly; if you have any questions or concerns over the paperwork, our fingerprint technicians can help you through the process.


Fingerprint Voucher



The Next Step


B&D Fingerprinting Services LLC will then stamp, sign, and date your Fingerprint Voucher Form for your own personal records. This form does not need to be passed into the Board of Massage Therapy. Should you have any questions pertaining to the full process, you may contact the Board of Massage Therapy listed below:


Board of Massage Therapists 
1755 E. Plumb Lane Suite 252 
Reno, NV 89502 

Phone (775) 687-9955 or (702) 486-2212 
Fax (775) 786-4264 
Email: nvmassagebd@state.nv.us 
Web Site: www.massagetherapy.nv.gov


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